Madurai Ajith Fans Sangam (MAFS)

Grand sales of ‘ASAL’ audio in Madurai

Again, the entire town of Madurai turned up to witness a festive look on January 4 . It was all pertaining to the reason of Thala’s ‘ASAL’ audio launch in town. The ardent fans of Ultimate Star thronged together in crowds for the opening of ‘ASAL Music’ at the music stores of Keestu Ganam around 5 in the morning.

The reports have conveyed strikingly spectacular news that 8,000 audio CDs were sold out just within fraction of moments.

Earlier, the same scenario was witnessed with the sales of Billa. Now, with the songs of ‘ASAL’ turning to be the biggest chartbusters, the entire Madurai was flooded with airing of songs across the streets and busiest lanes.

The fans have been hailing out on high spirits for the title song ‘Thala Pola Varuma’….