Madurai Ajith Fans Sangam (MAFS)

Madurai Asal Thiruvila Grandiosely Hosted At Arasaradi

Asal Thiruvila Inaguration Of Hundred Ajith Narpani Iyakkams In Madurai District. This Historical Event's Fans Arrival Started From 4.30 P.m Itself. Hundreds And Hundreds Of Fans Came Like Troops From Every Part Of South India. Thousands Of Fans Filled The Ground. More Than 80 Four Wheelers And 300 Two Wheelers Filled The Parking Zone. Crackers Bustered Non Stop. Vehicles Rounded The Ground Shouting Slogans Till 7.15 P.M. All The Banners Well All Most Wet With Milk And Water Dedicated By Thala Bakthars.
Chief Guest Mr.Balan President Of Prabhu Mandram Madurai Dist And South Side ASAL Film Distributor Said Like All Films Acted By Sivaji , Sivaji Productions Asal Too Will Be A Grand Success. He Confirmed That The Film Come To Screen On Feb-05. Board Of Hundred Ajith Narpani Iyakkam Was Inagurated By Him. Fans Wished Songs To Be Played And Due To The Big Crowd And Security Problems Function Was Shortly Ended At 8.00 P.M. The Welfare Kits Were But Later Distributed By The Comittee Members While The Crowd Dismissed.
While Leaving The Function Ajith Fans Who Were Drunken Threw Stones At Posters Condeming Against Suresh Chandra And Shouted Slogan Against Him For Speaking Ill About Madurai Asal Thiruvila And Ajith Fans. At The Time One Of The Govt Bus Was Damaged At Arasaradi By Ajith Fans. No Cases Were How Ever Filled As Asal Thiruvila Comittee Chairmans Paid The Penalty. Few Ajith Fans Entered Inside Mathi Theatre Near Arasaradi Where Vettaikaran Is Releaed And Shouted Slogan Against Vijay And Many Of Vijay Banners And Posters Where Torn Away. Every Problem Happened Was Due To Suresh Chandra And So That Was Ajith Fans Turned Violant. Police Than CameTo The Spot And All Problems Were Solved By ASAL Comittee Members. The Function Though Ended Violantly It Was Happened In Grand Manner.
Thanks For All Ajith Fans For This Grand Success Of MADURAI ASAL THIRUVILA And Special Thanks To Sun Music Fame Kalyani Amma And Red Suresh Of Hossur For Attending The Function

Madurai ASAL Thiruvila Attempts To Makes World Record For Ajith

Madurai ASAL Thiruvila Opening OF IOO Ajith Fans Club in Single Stage

                                   Madurai ASAL Thiruvila 100 Fans Club Will Be Opened In Single Stage.Till far No where In The World One Hundred Fans Club Have Been Opened In Single Stage in Single City In A Single Day.Fans All Over the WORLD Fans Have Been Invited For The Festival. ASAL Thiruvila To Be Celebrated on
DECEMBER-20,2009,SUNDAY.the date and venue of the Asal Cricket Trophy Will Also Be Announced On Same Day .
               Mr.Balan, President Actor Prabhu District fans Club Madurai and Mr.Bakkruddin, Secretary Actor Prabhu District fans Club Madurai, will together inaugurate the occasion and will organize the social service activities in a special manner.100 Feet Banners Will Be Kept Over Madurai and SOCIAL SERVICE poor people and note books ,Uniforms 100 School Students are Planned.
  Registration Forms Have Been Given For Fans in Madurai And Free Tickets Will Be Given Later.                      
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 Asal Thiruvila Athiradi Aarambam.....